Condition Ratings

We hand-pick all of our products in order to ensure their condition is in the best possible state.

Condition Rating Card

To make it easier for our customers to see which condition each game is in we grade every product and include a Condition Rating card with every game.

Condition Rating System uses the following system to rate the condition of pre-owned items:

  • S Rating: Near mint condition with little to no signs of usage
  • A Rating: Very good condition with minor signs of usage
  • B Rating: Good condition with some signs of usage
  • C Rating: Average condition with several signs of usage or damage
  • D Rating: Very used condition with obvious signs of usage or damage

Product pictures

The pictures on each product page are of the actual item.

In case of damage we will try to show this in the product images as clear as possible.

Product seals and disc protection

To give each product optimal protection we place them in plastic seal bags or for bulkier items we pack them in plastic foil.

Also to protect the game disc and prevent it from moving during transportation we place a piece of bubble wrap inside the case.

In case you have further questions about any item you are welcome to contact us anytime.

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